Memorize Scripture with your iPhone

The Bible tells us to meditate on God´s Word day and night. One way of doing that is to memorize Bible verses. To memorize Scripture is not always easy and if you don´t know how to do it you may give up this important task. But there is an iPhone app for almost everything! And with Bible Memory Verses memorizing becomes both fun and easy,

This app has many cool features and you´ll be able to memorize the Word in several different ways. One way is to choose the verse you want to learn and then the app hides some of the words in the verse. You can choose yourself how many. Naturally it becomes harder the more words you exclude. You can mark the verses you have worked with so you easily can come back to them for repetition. If you want to you can memorize several verses with one common theme, for example prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament as shown above.

Bible Memory Verses is not the only one for Bible memorizing but this is by far the best I have found.

Download this app for free here!


Which is your favourite Christian iPhone app?

Please help me find the best Christian apps. Comment below. I will write about the best ones.



Read and listen to the Bible at the same time

One cool thing with the iPhone is that has made the Word of God more and more accessible. With a good Bible app you always have the Scriptures in your pocket. Many of these have the written text in different translations and others have an audio version. But with Romans Audiobook you can both read and listen to the Word at the same time! And the text is scrolling at the same pace as the narrator is reading. The app uses the American Standard Version which is kind of old, so you have to put up with some outdated language.
But the experience of both reading and listening to the Bible is well worth downloading this app. To recieve the Word of God in this boosted manner is realy powerful and effective for learning!

 Download the Romans Audiobook app for free here! 

Some tips of great Bible commentaries about the book of Romans: 


iPhone background: Be still

Here is another iPhone background with a Bible vers that has comforted many, including me.

Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God".

Feel free to download the background for free!


A world of theology in your iPhone

One of my favourite theologians and Bible teachers is R.C. Sproul. In a very funny interview that Mark Driscoll did with him a while ago he admitted that he has almost never been on the internet. But he also said the he acually owns an iPhone. Therefor it is not strange that the ministry that he is the director of, called Ligonier, now has their own app. It´s its full of rich theological content. You can listen to daily radio broadcasts and watch video lectures from an amazing range of topics that includes antyhing from the nature of the Atonement to philosophical ideas that has shaped the world we live in. You can also find daily devotions and a blog in the app.

So what are you waiting for? Dig into the Word of God with Ligonier´s free app that you can find here!

If you are interested in reading some great books by R.C. Sproul I recommend these:

One of the best Bible apps

I really like the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible. The theological stance is conservative and but is also very readable. And not to long ago they released their iPhone app. And it makes no one dissapointed. It´s so easy to use and read. You can write you own little notes and highlight verses very that God has spoken to you through.You can also type certain words and find all the verses with these words in them. This is not a study Bible app, but it´s very convinient for basic study.

One last thing. The ESV Bible app so incredibly stylish! See pictures below.

Download the ESV Bible app for free here!

Let your iPhone background inspire you to pray

On this blog I will focus on Christian iPhone apps but I will also post some nice backgrounds. Now only one is uploaded, but I like it. It´s theme comes from Luke 11:9 where Jesus teaches us how to pray and He says these faith stiring words: "...Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you". Wouldn´t it be great if your iPhone background would remind you of this great truth everyday?

You can find and download the background for free here.

New blog for Christians with an iPhone!

My name is Jakob and I live in Sweden. I love Jesus and I like great iPhone apps. So I thought I would start a blog for anyone who shares this with me.

Here you will find the apps that I like and that has inspired me to live as a follower of Jesus in the internet age.

I would love if this would be a forum for dialogue. So please help me to find the best Christian apps out there.

Please comment below and give me a list of the best ones you know!