A world of theology in your iPhone

One of my favourite theologians and Bible teachers is R.C. Sproul. In a very funny interview that Mark Driscoll did with him a while ago he admitted that he has almost never been on the internet. But he also said the he acually owns an iPhone. Therefor it is not strange that the ministry that he is the director of, called Ligonier, now has their own app. It´s its full of rich theological content. You can listen to daily radio broadcasts and watch video lectures from an amazing range of topics that includes antyhing from the nature of the Atonement to philosophical ideas that has shaped the world we live in. You can also find daily devotions and a blog in the app.

So what are you waiting for? Dig into the Word of God with Ligonier´s free app that you can find here!

If you are interested in reading some great books by R.C. Sproul I recommend these:

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