Memorize Scripture with your iPhone

The Bible tells us to meditate on God´s Word day and night. One way of doing that is to memorize Bible verses. To memorize Scripture is not always easy and if you don´t know how to do it you may give up this important task. But there is an iPhone app for almost everything! And with Bible Memory Verses memorizing becomes both fun and easy,

This app has many cool features and you´ll be able to memorize the Word in several different ways. One way is to choose the verse you want to learn and then the app hides some of the words in the verse. You can choose yourself how many. Naturally it becomes harder the more words you exclude. You can mark the verses you have worked with so you easily can come back to them for repetition. If you want to you can memorize several verses with one common theme, for example prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament as shown above.

Bible Memory Verses is not the only one for Bible memorizing but this is by far the best I have found.

Download this app for free here!

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